I: General FAQs regarding the applications:
Yes, the application is free for download
No, the app is and will always be free of use.
The application will utilize advertisements in order to generate income. Apart from this, we will also acquire extra income from convenience fee from transactions from e-government transactions and marketplace transactions.
Yes, the CPA is open to all bona fide citizens of the city. On the other hand, non-residents can still register in the application but will be declared as non-residents. Non-residents can still avail of the service provided by the CPA.
For android users, they can download the application on the official website of the Baguio in my Pocket (https://baguioinmypocket.ph/). As for the non-android users, they can use the CPA Mobile Web which is also located at the website.
Guides and manuals are available at the website https://baguioinmypocket.ph/. Guides and manuals are available at the website https://baguioinmypocket.ph/. The guides offer step-by-step instruction on how to use the application.
Guides and manuals are available at the website https://baguioinmypocket.ph/. The guides offer step-by-step instruction on how to use the application.
No. The application needs internet connection (WI-FI or data connection) to login. They can also screenshot important information such as QR Code which will be used for the scan to check-in system.
The application contains a backend system where the authorities (barangay secretary, local civil registry and City LGU) can keenly verify for the legitimacy of the documents submitted by the citizen.
With the help of Baguio In My Pocket, the entire city of Baguio will lean towards a seamless digital ecosystem that will minimize the impact of risks and delays brought about by physical transactions which includes the delays brought about by outdated businesses processes and the risk of covid-19 brought about by physical contact during transactions.
You can contact the Official Facebook page of Baguio In My Pocket and ask for technical support. You can also visit your respective Barangay Hall to inform about the lost or stolen smartphone.
Baguio In My Pocket uses top-level encryption (RSA) in order to protect your data. In terms of login, all accounts strict follows a required password that contains special characters and alphanumeric combination to secure them. Users are also encouraged to change their passwords regularly.
Yes, one of the reason’s why we haven’t added the app to the playstore is that one, we would want the app to remain open inside the region and participating LGUs and not spread globally. Two, putting the app on both playstore and app store will require costs and additional costs will be incurred since transactions pass through the app store. Lastly, not everyone has an app store, this case holds true to Huawei which is a common brand of smartphone in the country.
Only the head of the family is required to register to the application. This includes the spouse and their children.
As of the moment, only the head of the family is required to register to the application. Once the member of the family is listed under the account of the family head, that person will also have an account as well.
As long as the head of the family is there to pursue with the registration. The head will be the one to list all of the members of his family along with their information. If the head is not in the house during the time of visit, the spouse may conduct the registration.
They can still declare them under child-form as their children
They can use the email of their relatives or anyone else in the household. If not applicable, you can request to use the barangay’s email address set for this project and later change it once the citizen have successfully registered.
No, other payment options and banks are available on the app. There is no exclusivity when it comes to payment options.
Your QR code is displayed upon clicking the “My Profile” page.
They will be registered via booths located inside the city or can be assisted through our Official Facebook Page.
The QR Code contains the information you have provided during your registration. This will serve as your personal all-in-one ID that can be used during scan to check-in and other services.
Establishment have QR code where a citizen scans this QR code using a QR scanner that is usually available in the app store. BIMP reverses that process by have the establishment scan the QR code to prevent them from storing your data and at the same time speed up data-tracing processes that are usually done by pen and paper.
For validation purposes, you will not be able to change your username once your account has been verified since the information you have provided during the registration will be logged in to the database of the city.
Location will be used for 911 emergency feature and contact tracing vs scan to check-in system; location can be turned off if weary of tracking. This is called geotagging and while smartphones will prompt for your consent to activate your location services, you can freely disable them and the application still works.
Error messages indicate which part of the registration is encountered. Take note of missing field and incorrect input. Manuals are available at Baguio In My Pocket’s official website.
» Pending status would mean that your registered account hasn’t been verified by your Barangay Secretary or Barangay Implementation Officer. While this is the case, verification is ongoing and the purpose of verification is to ensure the authenticity of the identity of the citizens which will be used in other modules of the app.


Pending Accounts - all accounts registered under BIMP are initially considered as pending which means that neither the LCR, MITD nor Barangay Secretary / Barangay Implementation officer has verified the account. They have access to BIMP but has limited functions. They will not be able to process orders and transaction in modules such as the marketplace and delivery.

Verified Accounts - Accounts that are verified by the Barangay Secretary / Barangay Implementation officer or the MITD. They have full function of BIMP.

Certified Accounts - Accounts that are both verified by the Barangay Secretary/Implementation officer and by the Local Civil Registry. Accounts considered as Certified Accounts has access to all the features of BIMP and can use this status for other institutions such as in finance, etc.

The verification is currently managed by MITD and Barangay Secretary's / Barangay Implementation officers of all the respective barangays in Baguio which is management by the LCR, verification of accounts is currently ongoing. While accounts are still pending, we have allowed pending accounts to utilize the features of all the BIMP Applications which include key functions inside the CPA and BPA. Thank you.

The Required fields include the following: Picture; Username; Password; Email Address; Contact Number; First, Middle and Last Name; Date of birth; Age; Gender; Residency; Tenurial Status; Full Address; Valid Government ID Type, Number and Picture of the Government ID.
No, this application is implemented for the purpose of contact tracing and less human intervention for different transactions. All the information provided by the citizens will be secured and protected. Also, the citizens don’t have to worry as they have the Data Privacy Act of 2012 to protect them and the data they have provided.
The data gathered will be stored in a secured private cloud server, controlled and managed by the LGU, while ITBS will only serve as the processor of the data. This means that ITBS will not hold and store data to ensure that the entire process follows the Data Privacy Act.
The information gathered is in line of DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2005-69 which requires barangays to update their Barangay Inhabitant Records which aims to keep update of the inhabitants of a barangay for a number of benefits. The information required for this records system is detailed was patterned by the system to maintain the accuracy of the records.
Yes, the project is under the check and balance of the LGU and the provider is in close contact with the local civil registry and other legal offices.
Prior to implementation, the project underwent a number of presentations in front of relevant authorities which includes the LGU, Barangay Council and other relevant organizations in the City. The provider has reiterated in a number of occasions that the project strictly abides the Data Privacy Act of 2012 which also emphasizes on the importance of consent at all levels.
V. Business Assessment and RPT
You can download the application at www.baguioinmypocket.ph and click on CPA and register, which will grant you access to business assessment and RPT assessment.
Yes, you need to register as a citizen first before accessing both business assessment and RPT assessment.
You still have to do a separate registration for Business Assessment and another for RPT Assessment.
Yes, both Business Assessment and RPT Assessment are separate accounts.
Double check the login credentials you have entered if they are correct. If the problem persists. Click on the Forgot Password button to reset your password.
It means your initial registration wasn’t successful or you have entered the wrong username, please double check the data entered. If not, try to re-register again.
They can ask assistance with their relatives in-order to have them registered to the application and avail of the services. They can also message our Facebook page, Baguio In My Pocket, for them to be assisted
Check your Wifi Connection or Network Data connectivity and restart the application
Check if the Business Permit Number (BPN) and Business Name are all entered correctly. If the problem persists, proceed directly to the City Treasury Office; For Real Property Tax, you can visit the City Hall’s Business One-Stop Shop.
Yes, we are currently using a 1:1 feature which would strictly enforce 1 account: 1 assessment or document.
Yes, you can declare your non-residence in the registration for the Citizen Portal App.
You can now proceed to the city hall to conduct your payment at the business center.
Right after your successful registration, you can directly login to the E-Government Transaction section.
Integration for different payment gateway is ongoing, an announcement will be made once this is available to the public.